whatwe do

Tripod is a software development and technical consultancy company, based in the Salford Innovation Forum. We specialise in mobile and web solutions, developing applications that utilise cutting edge technologies. Our team has a diverse range of skills, meaning we can help you no matter what your project or budget demands. We set up Tripod after noticing too many people with great ideas were unable to take that next step and get the technical part realised. We believe this is because of the inaccessibility of the computing market in general. Our approach guides you and your idea throughout the entire planning, development, and deployment process, constantly evaluating its direction, so if your requirements change we can make sure your project adapts too.


Do you want an app made for Windows Phone, iOS, Android, BlackBerry or any combination of the above? Either way, we can help. We have developed applications for industry, academia, and just for the fun of it. Your app could be something simple, designed to increase your company's productivity, or a complex app using the latest technologies.


Whether your idea provides a service for your customers, your employees, or a mass market, we can handle it. Our web applications are responsive, usable, and look great. We use innovative design, and the latest web technologies to build applications including ecommerce solutions, stock management and asset tracking. Our specialism is making these complex systems simple and easy to understand for anyone to use.

whowe are

Tripod has three directors: Matt Potts, Andy Molineux, and Matt Fisher. We met while undertaking our masters degrees in Advanced Computer Science at Lancaster University. Following that, we each took a different path to develop our own unique set of skills. Three years later, we decided to combine our experiences and skills by forming Tripod.

Matt Potts

Matt specialises in web development and has a keen eye for web design. He has a number of years of commercial experience in a range of technologies, having worked for several web and communication companies. He has played a key role in projects ranging from high-street names to local independent retailers. Outside of the office Matt keeps himself busy cycling between various racquet sports courts and music venues.

Andy Molineux

Andy specialises in requirements gathering, interaction design and all things related to the end user. He is in the final stages of his PhD in Human Computer Interaction and Mobile Interaction at Lancaster University. His role is to ensure that everything we make not only works well, but is also user friendly. Also, he's a bit of a film buff, so feel free to pick his brains for some recommendations.

Matt Fisher

After finishing his masters degree, Matt worked as a knowledge transfer associate, bridging gap between academia and industry. He helped deliver a project to take a research concept to an industry ready prototype. Involving both custom hardware development and various software systems many challenges were met and overcome over the course of the project. When he's not working, you'll most likely find him climbing on a snow covered mountain in some remote part of Scotland.

wherewe do it

Based in the north-west of England, our offices are situated in the Salford Innovation Forum in Manchester. We work with businesses all over the country. When face-to-face meetings just aren't practical as frequently as we would like, we're happy to have a quick Skype call or Google+ Hangout to make it feel like we're just around the corner.

We also are strongly connected with in InfoLab21 at Lancaster University. This gives us access to some of the most innovative leading academics and industry experts. This ensures that we're always up to date on bleeding-edge technologies that we can incorporate into your project.

whatwe did

Diffuse Pollution

Lancaster Environment Center (LEC)

Tripod worked with LEC to develop and Android application that collects user generated information about potential sources of pollution in rural settings. Our app was tailored for outdoor conditions where there may not be an Internet connection and where users may need to enter information quickly due to factors such as adverse weather.



NetX is an interactive, intuitive e-learning platform built for a Lancaster based technology teaching firm. The application has many rich features that enable users to explore and learn about complex computer network procedures and protocols. NetX is available for traditional web browsers, and has a custom built Android and Apple iOS app.


Our Own Venture

Tripod was awarded a grant to develop a system that detects the location of potholes on public roads. This data can then be used by local councils, saving them valuable time and resources. An app was developed that could be installed on any road user’s phone, which spots bumps when you drive. This information is then grouped with other road users to build a map of where the potholes are.


Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine (LSTM)

Tripod worked in collaboration with LSTM to develop MeasureSMS, a tool that enables community health workers in sub-Saharan Africa to rapidly report health information relating to individuals in their communities. MeasureSMS is being deployed in areas where population health information is difficult to collate, making disease burden hard to estimate

Knowsley Hotspots

One Ark

Tripod worked with One Ark to develop a mobile application where users can share the location of Internet access points in the Knowsley area. One Ark looks to increase wealth and create resilient communities in Knowsley, generating opportunities for people to make inspiring changes to their life chances. The motivation for the application was to enable individuals who might not have regular Internet access to gain access to Internet hotspots.

Upside Energy

Our Own Venture

As part of a consortium, we have won a InnovateUK grant for nearly £500,000 to develop a system which will help the national grid deal with power demand in peak power periods. We do this by creating a virtual energy store by coordinating stores of batteries (such as UPSs and solar PV arrays) to discharge their batteries, and recharge when demand is lower or renewable energy is available.


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